BLUE WING -WINGS FOR CHANGE- 「Fly Today, Change Tomorrow」

Let your flight
fuel the change.
BLUE WING, an original All Nippon Airways program, supports the Changemakers of the world by subsidizing their airfares. ANA joins hands with ANA customers to help make the world a better place.

End of Program Announcement The BLUEWING Program will end at 9am (JST) on March 31, 2023.

Thank you very much for your continued support of the ANA BLUEWING Program.

At 9am (JST) on March 31, 2023, the ANA BLUEWING Program, which provides flight support to Changemakers and their organizations working to solve social issues, will end.

ANA will continue various environmental and social contribution activities* in the future.

The program would not have been possible without the support of all its followers, so we would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has helped make this program so successful. With your help, ANA has helped support the work of many Changemakers and promote their efforts worldwide. Although the BLUEWING program will end, the work of these Changemakers continues. Please continue to support their work until the program’s end and beyond.

*ANA will continue to provide support in a variety of areas as part of its ESG (Environment Social Governance) project under its slogan “ANA Future Promise”, including ANA Blue Academy—a next-generation education program supporting international cultural exchange through music—and solutions to social issues through the “newme” Avatar. ANA will continue to be a company that develops together with society for a prosperous and vibrant future.

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CONCEPTWings For Change

Every time you fly, donate miles or share on social media, ANA provides air travel for Changemakers who are taking on social issues around the globe. The BLUE WING program has the power and potential to change the world.


CHANGEMAKERThe Faces of Change

Changemakers are social entrepreneurs who tackle global problems head on to make the world a better place. Their projects include: improving sanitation in developing countries, providing credit to the unbanked via a mobile phone app, educating local engineers and builders for disaster-proof housing, etc. Get to know a Changemaker and start supporting their cause today.





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* 1 WING = 1 JPY

3 easy ways to get involved

Choose the method that suits you best.


Book BLUE CLASS Tickets

Purchase your tickets through BLUE CLASS: WINGS equivalent to 1% of the airfare is transferred to the Changemakers – with no additional cost to you. Just by flying ANA, you can support a Changemaker.


Airfare 1%

Donate Miles

Donate your ANA miles to the Changemaker of your choice.


Minimum 3,000Miles(3,000WINGS)
  • *Number of WINGS shown is the accumulated total.
  • *Numbers shown for BLUE CLASS, SHARE, MILE DONATION may take time to update.


BLUE WING supports Endeavor, a global NPO focused on fostering the development of innovative, high-impact entrepreneurs around the world.


Founded in 1980, Ashoka supports social entrepreneurs, whose innovative ideas transform social systems at the grassroots level. Ashoka has supported and cultivated thousands of entrepreneurs with unique solutions who work to solve pressing social issues on a global scale. The network has since spread to 89 countries, providing the necessary changes where needed.
"Everyone A ChangemakerTM" – Ashoka hopes that every individual takes the initiative in tackling social issues, relying less on governments and non-profit organizations.

ANA Inspiration of JAPAN

Since 2013 ANA has consecutively received the highest 5-star airline rating by Skytrax, an international transport rating organization. As one of Asia's leading airline companies, ANA Group remains true to its roots, challenging new heights using "the wings within ourselves" to help fulfill the hopes and dreams of an interconnected world. ANA is committed to solving the global social issues of today.


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