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Changing the world
One flight at a time

The BLUE WING program joins hands with ANA customers to support social entrepreneurs (Changemakers) by subsidizing their airfares. BLUE CLASS is one of the ways to show support.

Just by flying ANA through this site, you can support a Changemaker.
Purchase BLUE CLASS tickets and ANA will transfer 1% of the airfare to the Changemakers. BLUE CLASS is a new class like no other - a new way to contribute to social change.

A new class like no other
The new way to fly

Purchase any Economy Class, Business Class or First Class tickets through the BLUE WING site and the tickets are automatically labeled as BLUE CLASS. Your flight can now help make a difference for a Changemaker.


Donate 1 % of airfare to a Changemaker

1% of the airfare is transferred to a Changemaker when you purchase ANA tickets through this site. The transfer takes place at no cost to you – everyone wins.

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*No additional cost to customers

BLUE WING’s original currency

Your action of choice is converted into BLUE WING’s original currency, “WINGS,” to support the Changemakers. The WINGS will help the Changemakers make a difference by subsidizing for their flights.

1 WING = 1 JPY

*1 WING = 1 mile


This is the number of total WINGS earned through BLUE CLASS. The numbers will be updated as support comes in.

Buy Flights & Support Changemakers



Changemakers are here to tackle the world’s problems head on. They travel the world to help solve issues, but the cost of airfare takes away resources that could be used elsewhere. Through the BLUE CLASS program, ANA can help with their airfare, so more of the Changemakers’ funds go towards their worthy causes. Get to know the Changemakers and start supporting them today. 

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Support a Changemaker


The BLUE CLASS logo was designed to encapsulate the innovative spirit of everyone involved in the program, including those affected by the global social issues as well as the Changemakers’ team members. The two emoticons are placed on both sides of a text or image to symbolize the scope of the program, and to show the endless possibilities of the project in the future.

ANA’s answer to social issues
New Value in Flying

Portrait of Akira Fukabori

Akira Fukabori


Why support a Changemaker?

Because their goals are inspirational and can change the world. These are the sorts of stories that money can't buy. By buying BLUE CLASS, our customers can enrich people’s lives as well as theirs through the inspirational actions of the Changemakers.

What future BLUE CLASS services can we expect?

We are considering a number of services and surprises along the way to show our BLUE CLASS customers what a difference their support really makes.

How did you come up with the BLUE CLASS concept?

Ever since joining ANA, I wanted to give shape to the company's corporate philosophy: “help to fulfill the hopes and dreams of an interconnected world.” In 2010, I met John Wood, one of the Changemakers, at a seminar. I learned that John spent 300 days a year flying all over the world, resulting in 76 million yen in travel costs, equivalent to the cost of building a primary school and a nursery in Sri Lanka. This is what sparked the idea of starting the BLUE WING program, a CSR program run by an airline company, to subsidize the cost of flying. Four years later, with internal help and outside support, 27 volunteers from the ANA group companies created the BLUE CLASS program.

Why is BLUE WING a part of the CSR project?

The BLUE WING program was designed to be sustainable and to find solutions to social issues in the long term. While most CSR projects are normally one-way donations, the BLUE WING program lets the airline, Changemakers and organizations join hands to make the world a better place.

As the program continues to deliver support from ANA customers to the Changemakers, our hope is that more people will come to know of ANA who otherwise would not have flown with us.

How do you see BLUE CLASS affecting the world?

I believe this program by ANA will change the world, and will have a positive effect on everyone’s attitudes. That's the ultimate dream for the BLUE CLASS program.

BLUE CLASS is one way to show your support for the BLUE WING program. You can also donate your miles or share on social media to support a Changemaker to start making a difference.

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