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Michihiko Iwamoto

July 2022

ANA BLUEWING recently supported a flight for JEPLAN which is chaired by its co-founder Michihiko Iwamoto. JEPLAN shared more about the flight support and their staff’s work at the destination.

“JEPLAN’s vision is to recycle everything. To this end, JEPLAN operates an old clothing recycling platform and apparel brand called BRING™ which recycles and reuses clothing that is no longer wearable. Every year sees 92 million tons of clothing and textile waste discarded around the world. Having seen reports that clothing was now piling up in the deserts of Chile, the staff of JEPLAN took a flight using ANA BLUEWING’s flight support to check the situation out.

When we visited, we found that in addition to old clothes people were discarding new ones at the site several months after the news report. It was evident that some of the used clothes imported into Chile were not being properly utilized. Local interviews revealed the existence of an economic zone where used clothing is imported from Western countries. This trip reminded us that a clothing production cycle always comes to an end somewhere in the world. We confirmed the need for recycling and saw JEPLAN’s business’s potential to contribute to society.

The flight was 13 hours one way, but ANA’s inflight entertainment selection made it very relaxing and enjoyable.”




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