3 ways to get involved Support a Changemaker today

Three ways to show support

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BLUE WING’s original currency

Your action of choice is converted into BLUE WING’s original currency, “WINGS,” to support the Changemakers. WINGS earned through ticket purchases, miles donation, or sharing on social media is transferred to the Changemakers to support their cause.

1 WING = 1 JPY

*1 WING = 1 mile

[BOOK] Book BLUE CLASS Tickets To support Changemakers

Purchase your tickets through BLUE CLASS: WINGS equivalent to 1% of the airfare is transferred to the Changemakers – with no additional cost to you. Just by flying ANA, you can support a Changemaker.

BLUE CLASS illustration

*No additional cost to customers


[DONATE] Donate your miles To support Changemakers

Support a Changemaker with your miles: donations start from 3,000 miles (3,000 WINGS).

MILE DONATION illustration

[SHARE] Share on Social Media To support Changemakers

Share on social media to support a Changemaker: each time you react to a post from the BLUE WING website, Facebook page on your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account, you earn 15 WINGS. Your action transfers 15 WINGS to the Changemaker of your choice.
*For details, see ‘WHAT COUNTS’

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