Taking on Challenges An integral part of ANA’s DNA

To take on the skies is a challenge in itself. BLUE WING is a new system, only made possible by a company like ANA, who has never been afraid to take on new challenges.

Once a Challenger Always a Challenger

Two helicopters – that was the beginning of ANA. Since then, ANA has grown into a 5-star airline, servicing over 40 cities worldwide. ANA’s commitment to hard work has never wavered, always taking on new challenges ever since it started operating as an independent commercial airline. For ANA, the BLUE WING program is the gateway to a new business model of the future.

Our Partnership with the Changemakers

To take full advantage of its strength as an airline, ANA helps to solve social issues through air travel. Rather than a one-way donation seen in most CSR programs, the BLUE WING program goes one step further, by promoting its business and contributing to society at the same time.

We believe that the partnership between ANA and the Changemakers making a difference in the world will promote the creation of a truly sustainable society.

The Charismatic Changemakers

The charismatic Changemakers of the BLUE WING program are dedicated to solving social issues around the world with their creative visions and strategies. Their powerful stories inspire others to be part of the change. As the Changemakers travel around the world throughout the year, travel costs become a big burden. The BLUE WING program will help cut the costs, enabling the Changemakers to concentrate on what matters the most.

A sustainable system for all

By subsidizing the Changemakers’ travel costs, we hope to make the world a better place, all the while improving ANA’s brand awareness. A mutually sustainable system will help us reach more customers around the globe who want to support the Changemakers – and at the same time, fulfilling the hopes and dreams of those who may never have seen an airplane or have flown in it.